Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What happened to The Cosby Show?

A lot of people don't watch television, but growing up my parents were career parents so after eating dinner in the evening we would watch TV.  What shows do I remember watching?  Little House on the Prairie (oh, how I loved Laura Ingalls and hated Nellie Olsen!), The Cosby Show, re-runs of I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch, Leave it to Beaver ... I could go on and on!   These are the shows that my family watched - these shows were on TV pre-Parental Guidelines.  Parental Guidelines weren't needed in the 80's ... why?  Because we were watching shows like Little House on the Prairie and The Cosby Show!

Tonight as I sat in my hotel room I flipped channels until the TV landed on MTV, Teen Mom had just started.  I have never watched this show before, but since I was really only using the television as noise while I worked I left Teen Mom on the background.  I have seen many facebook and twitter posts about this show; however, I have never watched.  As I was working and "listening" I was appalled by the way this one teen mom spoke to her mother.  She said that she put her son (or was it a daughter?) to be every night before she went out so she didn't understand why her mom had an issue that she went out after her baby was in bed.  WTF?!  Later her and her mom got into an argument where she proceeded to scream, cuss, threaten to punch her mom in the face, spit in her mom's face and push her mom.  Seriously!?!  Then she had an issue when her mom served her with papers to get custody of her child.

I am not dense - I have been a teenager.  I know that teenagers will engage in pre-marital sex, drink, etc...  I was a teenager once (many moons ago!)  There are responsible actions a pregnant teenager can take ... when raising a child a teenager can get assistance and be responsible with the help of parents/family, etc...  There is adoption - there are PLENTY of families out there that can't have kids that would love to have a baby...  We should not glamorize these teenage moms to other young children!

My point?  why, Why, WHY? are we putting these shows on TV?  Why aren't we putting good wholesome shows on TV? What happened to The Cosby Show?  What happened to the Huxtables, what happened to the Ingalls, the Ricardos ... oh how I love vintage (if it's on Nick at Nite it's vintage, right?)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Life's Dream

When I was a little girl and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up my standard answer was always "a lawyer".  I am not sure what made me want to be a lawyer.  For that matter, I am not even sure that I understood the responsibilities of a lawyer.   Today, I can't even imagine being a lawyer.  Lawyers are tough people.  If you know me well, you know that I wear my feelings on my sleeves - not a good characteristic for a lawyer.  I guess I made a good decision to NOT be a lawyer, but then again, those were a little girl's dreams.

When I went to high school I had an excellent Algebra teacher that made a great impression on me.  She was a great teacher - she had unyielding patience with the group of unruly students in her class.  My grades in her class were truly a reflection of what an outstanding teacher she was.  After taking her class I considered becoming a teacher.  Today, my family and friends will tell you that I definitely do not have the patience a teacher needs - I guess it's a good thing that I didn't become a teacher.

I didn't know that I wanted to be a Project Manager until I worked for First American Real Estate Information Services and met Jackie, who was a great mentor and recognized my talents and helped guide me into the position that I am in now.

Even though my aspirations changed as I matured, one aspiration has never changed:  it is my life's dream to be on Wheel of Fortune.  Growing up I remember watching Wheel of Fortune with my parents in the evening after (or was it before?) we ate dinner.  Originally contestants on Wheel of Fortune would use the money earned during each round to buy prizes (remember the dalmatian that was always in the prize room?).  Then at some point the game show changed allowing contestants to keep the money they earned.  Remember when the most money you could earn per letter was $1,000?  I do. Now you can win up to a million dollars for solving the bonus round.  I am getting closer to turning 40 and before I turn 50 I would really love love love to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.  For now, I will continue to play the Facebook version of Wheel of Fortune.

What is your life's dream?